Structured Silver

SILVER has been used as an anti-microbial agent (something that destroys bacteria, viruses, and fungi/yeast) for thousands of years. It was used extensively in ancient Greece, Rome, Phoenicia, and Macedonia where it was used extensively to control infections and to keep food fresh. Around 400 B.C. Hippocrates, the “Father of Medicine”, recognized the healing and cleansing effects of silver and “taught that silver healed wounds and controlled disease.”(1)


Later, throughout the Middle East, it was widely used as a blood purifier and to control halitosis (bad breath).(2)

It is quietly being used in modern times too, and numerous establishments (including hospitals and community water systems) utilize the “cleansing” action of silver; using it instead of chlorine to sanitize water purification systems, pools, spas, etc.(3)

To date, ionized (colloidal) silver has been the silver of choice for external sanitization practices. This form of silver has also been used internally by people to rid the body of potentially harmful microbes, however it comes with somewhat of a price. For one, colloidal silver is quite acidic. Secondly, colloidal silver is easily stored in the body – especially in fat tissue around organs and under the skin – and long-term use of relatively high doses will result in build-up of silver and eventually cause the skin to turn a permanent blue-grey colour. This condition is called “Argyria” and it is irreversible.

Confused? Then let’s do a simple break-down of the three different types of silver products on the market; Ionized, Colloidal, and Structured:(4)

1.  IONIZED silver:  This form is very highly charged (can be either positive or negative) and is most commonly used in photographic solutions. It stays in suspension(*) if left to sit and falls out of suspension when consumed internally; it then readily attaches to fat tissue where it will stay permanently.

2.  COLLOIDAL silver:  This form can easily be made at home using a nine volt battery, whereby a positive and negative charge is used to “chase” one molecule of silver at a time into the water. It stays in suspension(*) if left to sit and falls out of suspension when consumed internally; it then readily attaches to fat tissue where it will stay permanently.

3.  STRUCTURED silver:  This form of silver (also sometimes referred to as SilverSol) is permanently embedded into the structure of water. This means that the silver will not separate from the water in the same way as colloidal silver does. Further, that means the silver isn’t attracted to itself so it won’t accumulate, nor will it become so large that the body cannot get rid of it. Essentially, what that means is that silver in this structured form is easily excreted from the body along with the water.

(*) NOTE:  A product in suspension (liquid medium) means that if it is left to sit over time the particles will stick to one another (making them heavy) and fall the bottom of the container while the water stands by itself.


I’ve known about the effectiveness of silver as an anti-microbial product for years, and was introduced to colloidal silver products when I first moved to Canada (early 90’s). However, there was always something about the colloidal products that made me hesitant to use them internally; no matter how much verbal reassurance manufacturers and sellers of these products gave me.

Externally, colloidal silver works amazingly well; but knowing that taking too much colloidal silver over a longer period of time could turn my skin blue prevented me from taking it internally. Not to mention that everyone selling colloidal products offered a different internal dose which varied from 2-5 drops in a glass of water to 2 teaspoonfuls at a time!

Because of the care needed with internal use of colloidal, its anti-microbial properties within the body are very limited. Simply, a person cannot consume a high enough dose of colloidal silver to render viruses and bacteria useless – unless they want to risk the chance of changing their skin colour permanently!

Recently, though, I happened upon Structured Silver. The discovery was quite by accident while looking for something totally unrelated on YouTube. To me, there are no such thing as “coincidences” in life, and after watching a very informative and eye-opening video I knew then and there that Structured Silver was something I wanted to use for myself (first), and then offer the products to my clients.

The video I watched was an interview by Conscious Evolution Media Network with Dr. Pedersen, and here it is for you to watch too:


It wasn’t long before I knew I was on to something good here. I road-tested on myself first with remarkable results; within 20 minutes of the first dose of structured silver, the digestive bloating I had been experiencing was notably reduced. Even the herbs I know and trust so well for digestive issues don’t usually work that fast!

The reason why I love structured silver so much is because it works! This is because the form it is in doesn’t accumulate in the body; therefore high doses can be taken safely to effectively help the body. This has always been the set-back for colloidal products; because dosage was limited to low (or very low) amounts internally, not enough was every consumed to be of any noted effect.


Health Benefits of Structured Silver:

At first glance, structured silver seems like it’s the only product you’ll ever need in order to be healthy, but that’s not quite the case. Can it help the body to balance out from numerous health issues? Yes, it can.
Can it balance out these health issue all by itself? It might for a small handful of minor issues, but general the answer is “No”. A person will still need to rely on the additional support of herbs, supplements, and medication (in some cases).

Structured silver works because it helps the body deal with microbes in a more balanced way. And that’s all it does. But…when the body no longer has to fight these “invaders”, things can balance out a lot faster. Why? because a number of health conditions have an underlying root cause that is either bacterial, viral, or fungal. And in my professional experience, the latter (fungus/yeast – namely Candida) is the most common underlying issue.

Some of the health conditions that benefit from taking structured silver include:

– Cold and ‘Flu
– Candida/Yeast infections
– Acne
– Eczema- Digestive disorders
– Heartburn
– Sore throat
– Abscesses, boils
– Ear infections
– Cuts and wounds

For a list of 83 conditions that benefit from taking structured silver, visit The Silver Health Institute; for more detailed information about the uses of structured silver, I highly recommend Dr. Pedersen’s book: “A New Fighting Chance“.

If you choose to use structured silver for any ailment, please be sensible about things. If the condition you are dealing with is potentially life-threatening, seek immediate medical assistance FIRST.
Also remember that it might be necessary to use other products (including medication) to further help the condition along; so don’t suddenly stop taking any medication! If you are unsure about anything and need more guidance, please consult with your primary health professional.


Structured Silver Information:

Silver Health Institute – explores and communicates the latest advances in silver with respect to health. New books, videos and articles are presented to help citizens stay informed and up-to-date.

Silver Hydrosol Info – numerous articles about the efficacy of structured silver compared to colloidal products.


One of the things that most impressed me about Dr. Pedersen was that he didn’t bang on about just one particular brand of Structured Silver. In fact, he said there were many good products on the market and to just avoid ionic or colloidal silver for internal use. So, after a bit of research I came across a site that read well (provided a lot of information), seemed to be in line with the information Dr. Pedersen presented in his video, and had both the silver liquid and gel in stock. Plus, they also had links to the Silver Health Institute (see below).

Silver gel? Yes. Gel. Even though the solution can be used externally, because it’s liquid it doesn’t stay in one place when applied. Thus putting Structured silver into a gel form is a brilliant idea. Not only can you apply it externally, it can also be safely used internally – e.g. on the gums (it “sticks” better), and vaginally (for yeast infections).




Natural Health Information Websites:

Conscious Evolution Media Network




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The information here is only that – information – and is not designed to diagnose, treat, or cure in any way. If you are experiencing any medical conditions (especially if they are of an infectious or serious nature), we strongly recommend that you consult with your primary health care provider first.