Energy Balancing

THERE is so much more to us than meets the eye. We are more than flesh, blood and bone; we are each a vibrant Spirit, with a physical body so that we can fully experience life. Yet how many of us truly allow ourselves to live – to experience life, moving from one situation to the next, knowing that each event is an opportunity to embrace Self more fully? How many of us allow ourselves to experience our emotions fully? Unfortunately, here in Western culture, not many.

We have been taught that it is not okay to feel – that emotions are to be put away, not expressed. It is still socially unacceptable to cry in public, or to be noticeably angry about something. If you’re reading this, thinking “no, that doesn’t happen anymore,” I want you to go experiment. Go to a public place, sit down and start crying. I can guarantee that some kind-hearted person will come along, ask you what’s wrong and then (often subconciously) attempt to get you to stop crying … “don’t cry anymore, it will be okay.” That’s how we function as humans. We attempt to stop others from experiencing their emotions, only because we are often too afraid to experience our own. 

So, how do you begin to be more connected to your emotions? Firstly, you need to start paying attention to how you feel at certain times of the day. Notice what goes on when you interact with others, or when something happens to you. An emotional response means that there is often an issue you need to address, be it a current one, or an old unresolved one. Our body is great at storing unresolved emotional issues. In fact, science is now recognizing that certain emotions, when not expressed, contribute to development of disease in the body. For example, studies have shown that men are more likely to have a heart attack if they have unresolved (bottled-up) anger.

Many people avoid more intense (often innappropriately labeled “negative”) emotions because they fear that these emotions will run away on them and that they will lose all control. Yes, intense emotions can be quite frightening, but you must remember that you are always in control. Your emotions cannot rule you, unless you let them. When we believe something strongly, it happens in our lives. What you think, you create. That which you most fear, you will attract to your self.

Pay attention – become aware of how emotions play in your body. Hint: if you have chronic pain anywhere in your body, there is an unresolved emotional issue wanting your attention. The root cause of all dis-ease in the body (including pain) is unresolved emotion.

So, what do unresolved emotions have to do with energy? Emotions are energy. You cannot see emotions unless they are physically expressed. You do not say “oh, look, there goes anger,” but you can see anger when someone strikes out at another, or if they wear a scowl on their face. Remember: emotions are energy; and emotions can be stored in our body. That means that they can also cause energy blocks in our body.

 Each of us has, within our body, an amazing network of energy lines, channels and vortexes (chakras). This energy system ensures that our organs, cells, and tissues stay strong and healthy. When there is a block in an energy pathway, the organ system that the pathway corresponds with will also become blocked. There are many different ways to move energy through the body:

Acupuncture – an ancient Oriental technique that uses hair-thin needles, inserted into specific channels, to unblock energy.

Acupressure – also an ancient Oriental technique that uses the hands (or feet, elbows) to press on acupuncture points to unblock energy pathways.

Chiropractic – a technique that uses the hands to make manual adjustments, mainly to the spinal area, in order to release energy blocks. The cracking sound you hear is stored gas being released from around ligaments, not your bones grating together.

Cranial sacral therapy – a gentle hands-on technique that stimulates release of reflex points throughout the body, allowing for energy to flow freely. Kind of like an energetic version of Chiropractic.

Reflexology – a technique whereby pressure points on the feet and hands are worked. Each reflex point over-lies an area on the foot (or hand) that corresponds to a particular body system. When the reflex point is worked, it stimulates energy flow to that body system.

Reiki – a laying-on-of-hands technique that was developed in Japan. It stimulates the flow of energy in the body, allowing for clearing of blockages, thereby promoting health and wellness.

The basis for all of these techniques is the movement of Universal Energy from the giver to the receiver. This is all done through positive thought and intention. Remember, what you think, you create.

So, what do I do in my practice? I use a hands-on technique, similar to Reiki, to assist in clearing energy blocks from the body and to balance energy flow. I also like to do emotional release exercises with my clients – to help them be more in touch with unresolved issues, as well as to give them something practical that they can take home and do whenever they feel the need.

Energy Session Fees:

Per session:  $40.00 (plus GST).
Each energy session lasts approximately 20-40 minutes.

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