Please note that I have retired from Natural Medicine and am not taking any new clients. All information here is for education purposes only.



NUTRITION encompasses a wide and varied field which includes foods, eating and life-style habits, vitamins, minerals, other supplements, super-foods, and herbs.

I prefer to help people with their eating habits and food choices rather than fill them full of supplements. Indeed many people require extra supplementation to get them started towards optimum health, however supplements should not be used to replace food, or be used as an excuse for not eating certain food groups, such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

The most important thing I can tell my clients is to choose foods that provide them with quality nutrition. An organic salad will have far more quality, usable nutrition than a cheeseburger and fries.

Our busy life-styles remove us from quality food. The simple act of chewing is by-passed as many of us eat on the run, rushing from one activity to another. Recent studies have shown that the average American spends less than 10 minutes per day preparing food. Now that’s what I call “fast food.” And we expect to stay healthy eating like that?

Sure, fast-food often tastes and looks good, but how much quality nutrition is in it? The package may list a variety of nutrients, but can you be sure your body is utilizing them? Can you even be sure that these nutrients are in a form that your body can absorb?

My goal is to provide you with the information you need so you can successfully navigate your way through the confusion surrounding nutrition so you can learn to make healthier choices more often and understand that even though a certain food product may look good that it is not necessarily good for you.

Remember that what you see, hear, and read in advertisements is not always the whole truth and if you take time to read labels and look at ingredient lists and you’ll quickly learn what is in your best health interest and what isn’t.

The only way in which you will know you are taking in quality nutrition is by eating quality nutrition. Look for live, raw foods. Organic if possible. Limit dairy, sugar, caffeine, wheat and meat intake. Notice I said limit. I did not say totally eliminate.  That is because if you take care to eat quality nutritious foods as much as possible, you can eat the other stuff in moderation and not have it impact on you in a negative way.