Spiritual & Metaphysical Mentoring


Why Spiritual & Metaphysical Mentoring?

OmI have worked in the field of spirituality and metaphysics for most of my life and have always felt drawn to helping others. Completing my Naturopathic program in 1992 provided me with the skills to assist people on their journey of health and healing and to address imbalance/dis-ease on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

It wasn’t until 2009 that I decided to take some formal training in Spiritual practices and metaphysical studies and enrolled for a five-year program at the University of Metaphysical Sciences (UMS). Up until then, I had taken many workshops, talked to many knowledgeable people, and read many, many books on the topic of spirituality, metaphysics, and “self-help”.

In 2011 I completed my Masters in Metaphysical Sciences and finalized my PhD in Parapsychology in 2012, solidifying what I already knew (and practiced), and further giving me the confidence to reach out in a different – more expanded way – to empower others on their spiritual journey.

So here I am now, and I have chosen to offer personal one-on-one coaching/mentoring sessions rather than teach workshops for groups of people, as I find that everyone is at different stages on their path and not everyone wants to discuss spiritual matters in a group setting. Also, personal sessions allow me to create a program specific to each person’s individual needs, interests, and comfort levels.

In general, my coaching/mentoring sessions will cover topics that include (and are certainly not limited to) the following:



*  Enhance and develop your intuition
*  Enhance and develop your ability to feel energy
*  Resolve emotional issues
*  Foster a sense of inner peace and well-being
*  Balance your chakras
*  Cleanse your aura/energy field
*  Help you interpret your dreams
*  Learn how to use a pendulum.


Spirituality & Metaphysics – What’s the Difference?

Really, Spirituality and Metaphysics are well entwined and many topics cross over from one into the other depending on belief and faith. However for simplicity sake, let’s just say that Spirituality covers topics such as Soul Purpose, Emotional Healing/Balancing, Energy Work, Developing Intuition, etc., while Metaphysics includes topics such as ufo’s, Past Lives, visitations (e.g. ghosts), etc.

When you sign up for mentoring, you’ll be given a list of topics to choose from – topics that you’re interested in and want to explore in the safety of my space at Living Energy.


Monthly Investment:

Your monthly investment is $300.00 (plus 5% gst) and includes the following:

*  Twice a month a personal 2-hour one-on-one session within a one-month period (or)  four times a month (i.e. four 1-hour sessions – once a week within a one-month period).
*  A total of four, 30-minute phone check-ins (i.e. once per week within a one-month period).
*  Hand-outs on exercises and other updates.


Spiritual & Metaphysical Consultations vs. Mentoring — What’s the Difference?

Generally, when a person is on a path of self-discovery there is often a need for mentoring — to spend time with another person who can act as a guide and sounding-board, and who is there to help the discoverer learn and expand at their own pace.

At other times, a person may only need one or two consultations to help them deal and resolve with a current issue at hand, rather than spending weeks or months (or even years), exploring the inner nature of their Self and the Universe.

As a result, at Living Energy we offer both options — that way, you can choose what is best suited to your needs. Like mentoring sessions, consultations are confidential and personalized – the only difference being cost (mentoring works out to be significantly more cost effective). For more information about costs go to our “Consultation” page.


Important Note:

Mentoring is only offered on a month-to-month basis and there is no minimum commitment time in that you can continue mentoring sessions for as many months as long as you need or desire.

All sessions are to be booked in advance, and if a session/appointment needs to be changed it can be as long as it is still within the same month.

Sessions cannot be carried forward to another month and any sessions that are not kept will be forfeited.

Registration form (includes a list of some of the mentoring topics that you can choose from, as well as detailed Terms & Conditions)