Animal Communication


It’s a well-known fact that animals communicate with us on a regular basis. Ask any person who has an animal companion and they’ll readily agree that animals communicate with us all the time; however their communication skills are more subtle, mostly through non-verbal cues (e.g. body language), and are often missed by us humans.


Animals also communicate via “telepathy” and it is well documented that they respond and react to mental visual images when these images are sent to them. And, if the person is open (in heart and mind) and receptive enough they will discover that animals communicate with us (and one another) in much the same way.

I have always felt a strong connection with animals – they have been part of my life since childhood – and that connection has assisted in my developing my animal communication skills. A recent course in Animal Communication skills with Sue Becker, a renowned animal communicator, grounded those techniques and confirmed what I already know, giving me the confidence to work with clients and their animal companions openly.


Every person who works with energy does so in their own, unique way and so it is for me. My technique with animal communication involves “talking” to an animal via intuitive images and impressions. The animal doesn’t dialogue with me in the normal (human) way; instead it gives me a “sense” of what is going on rather than giving me a detailed, verbal account of the situation. That’s not to say I don’t pick up on words or sentences — I do! — it’s just that the verbal information is incorporated with the impressions and is not as lengthy as some people would expect it to be.

Generally the impressions I get are over 90% accurate; however being that I’m human and not perfect, there is a margin of error that can occur, especially if the relay of information isn’t clear. I certainly do my best to ask and re-ask questions to get the most accurate response. In this way, I feel I am somewhat of a “bridge” to help deepen and expand the relationship between you and your animal companion.

A note on health issues:  Just like many people are not aware of what is going on in their body when they are sick, so it is for most animals. For some things, such as aches or injuries, the information can be relayed clearly; for other conditions (e.g. liver or digestive problems), the animal won’t be able to convey what is wrong because ultimately, they don’t know!  Therefore if you suspect your animal companion might be having a health issue of some kind, I can certainly “check in” and ask for information, but please know that I will also refer you to a veterinarian.

On the other hand, if your animal companion has already been to the vet and has any minor health issues, there may be some natural health options so please ask!

If you are interested in having me communicate with your animal companion, please phone or email to book an appointment.

In most circumstances it is not necessary for you to bring your animal companion to my office as I can communicate with your animal across distances (intuitive telepathy). Once you’ve booked an appointment we will make arrangements for you to send me a picture of your animal or we will book a date for you to bring your animal companion to see me.

Current Fees:

First question or issue:  $20 per animal.
Follow up consultations, PER question or issue: $10 per animal

(all prices are subject to addition of 5% GST)