As the New Year Looms

December 30, 2012

This year has certainly been an interesting one, filled with lots of growth, learning and fun. It seemed very much to be a year of clearing and cleansing (similar to 2011, only not as intense), and at times more about growth than anything else. And that’s a good thing – growth – because really, without growth and change we become stagnant and stuck in the same old rut.

As challenging as 2012 was at time, it was equally lots of fun and I have many happy memories. That said, I truly can’t wait to see the back end of 2012 and I am very much looking forward to 2013 and all the new and exciting things it will bring.

Someone asked me the other day what New Year’s Resolutions I’m going to make. Good question, as I normally don’t make any. However, I got thinking and this time I’ve decided to make a few:

1.  To laugh more.
2.  To play more (my dog Maggie is excellent at reminding me how to do that).
3.  Spend more time in Nature.
4.  Spend less time in front of the computer and television.
5.  To spend more time with those I love and appreciate
6.  To be open to extra-ordinary experiences.
7.  To be open to new things and adventure.
8.  To be more open.
9.  To move through any fears that have held me back in the past.
10.  To appreciate myself and the things I do, more.

Well, I sure got on a roll with that … and if I allow myself to sit here for longer I know I’ll easily add more to that list! Notice, too, how I didn’t put “lose weight”, “stop drinking” or “stop smoking” (I don’t drink or smoke, but you get the idea), etc? That’s because really, those kind of resolutions and intentions focus on the things we are so desperately want to let go of.

For example, a person having difficulty giving up cigarette smoking: if they make the resolution to give up cigarettes, the spend a good amount of time focusing on the cigarettes (because they have to give them up), and ultimately make it more difficult to let them go.

Simply, what we focus on the most we attract into our lives, and that focused manifestation is made even more potent when emotions are involved. The solution: focus on what you do want. Not giving up cigarettes (because the focus is on cigarettes), but the END RESULT of how you will FEEL when you give up cigarettes (example: happy).

So if you switch your focus to being happy then it will be easier to give up the cigarettes.  A simple process that can, initially, seem very complex. Practice in this case makes perfect, so every time you find yourself focusing on something you don’t want, simply think of (or do) something happy and focus on that instead.

I truly believe this new year is going to bring some extra-ordinary opportunities and experiences for all of us and that it’s up to us to make those opportunities and experiences happen.

Are you ready? 🙂


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  1. Marie
    Dec 30, 2012

    An early Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to you, Radka. I hope the new year brings you all you hope for!

    I can so relate to your resolutions and their focus. While I don’t typically make them, I am a self-improvement junkie. After all the Christmas Holidays and over-indulging, I find New Years a natural time to get back on track. For me, I have to get that painting done, designate time for my health, kids, friends and marriage, and make some career choices/plans.

    I like your #10, which I would equate to looking after your best friend… yourself. That is the person that is often neglected in so many people’s lives!

    Best wishes,

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