Some Ice-Cream is NOT Ice-Cream

March 15, 2016

Most people enjoy eating ice-cream, but how often do you take time to consider what it’s in it? It’s often assumed that ice-cream is natural and made with simple, natural ingredients: cream, milk, sugar, vanilla/cocoa. But that no longer seems to be the case, especially with the big brand companies.

dairy cow

Natural Dairy from Natural Cows

The ingredient list on many popular brands now reads very differently, and includes items such as “modified milk products” (that’s another blog post for later), sugar AND corn syrup (really bad for everyone!), thickeners (including carrageenan and guar gum), and artificial flavours and colours.

Sure, some of these items come from natural sources, but that doesn’t mean those items are good for you. Do further research for yourself on items such as high fructose corn syrup and carrageenan and you’ll soon see why these products should be avoided.

Further, because of the addition of these crazy ingredients, many products that were once called “ice cream” have been renamed to “frozen dessert”. That in itself speaks volumes!

As disturbing as all this ingredient stuff is, I’m actually disturbed by something even bigger – the fact that many of these frozen products don’t melt. Seriously! I recently came across an eye-opening YouTube video, created and posted by Mr. Eastcoastman, showing what happens when some of these products are left out.

There is a follow-up video to this one that is a bit more detailed (you should be able to find the link on YouTube), however I’ve only included the first one because you MUST see what happens to one of the frozen products after it has been left out for 10 days. It truly is disturbing.

Hopefully this encourages you all to READ THE LABEL on all packaging, and if something doesn’t read right, sound right, or you can’t pronounce or recognize the ingredients, consider that the product is probably NOT good for you.

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