Another New Moon: What’s the Big Deal?

November 11, 2015.


People have always looked to the seasons, the moon, and the stars as a source of information and guidance, whether in the form of astrology or simply a marker for seasonal change.

Today, many regard the phases of the moon to be just that – a phase – with little or no relevance and another day gone by on the calendar. Yet the moon and its cycles affect us more than we realize, and many are beginning to reconnect not just with the cyclical rhythm that comprises all the phases of the moon, but also with nature and the Earth herself.



Each new moon is a marker for new beginnings and a time to set new goals and intentions, or “recharge” old ones. Either way, it is a good time to take a few moments to sit and mediate on the month ahead. What are your goals, your dreams, your desires? What steps can you take to bring you closer to that which you want? Make a list (ideally on paper or in your journal) of what you’d like, and what you can do in the month ahead to bring desires into action.

From an astrological perspective, each new moon cycle (just like each full moon cycle) brings with it an energy vibration that can affect and guide our lives, and each new moon cycle energy “theme” is different. This energy impacts us whether we choose to follow the moon cycles or not, and if you’re interested in reading more about moon energy, there are many good sites on the internet or visit the one I favour: The Power Path – where you’ll find moon energy “forecasts” as well as energy forecasts for each month.

So why did I choose to write about the new moon now – on this November 11th day? Because from an astrological, energetic, and spiritual perspective, this new moon packs a lot of energy punch. Numerologically, master number sequences (in this case 11:11) are considered to be akin to energy portals, or gateways, where energy from the cosmos flows through to us (Earth).

Further, today is Remembrance Day, and emotions across the planet are high as people stop to reflect and remember the past. This further adds to the overall energy of the day.

How this energy impacts us depends entirely on where we are in our lives: are we connected, switched on, tuned in and generally content with the way life is flowing? or are we disconnected, struggling, consistently angry and irritated, and feeling like there is little flow in our life?

Simply, the choice is ours as to how we want to experience this life, and ultimately how we feel and think will be made manifest. Whether one is aware of the energy that affects us or not doesn’t really matter because regardless of awareness, the affect is there. I prefer to be aware of external cosmic influences that are affecting me (us!) because then I can make clearer choices about things in my life. Also, knowing that certain energies might be “stirring up” certain things (e.g. emotions), helps me to better handle myself and other people, thus contributing to better overall energy flow in my day.

Again, for more info on how this particular new moon is affecting us, visit The Power Path.


The Moon and Women

In times of old, when there was a deeper connection to nature, the earth and her cycles, people relied on the phases of the moon (and other celestial signs) to help navigate them through their daily lives and women often had a menstrual cycle that was the exact same length as the moon cycle: approximately 29 days.

Even though that time frame still applies today, many women experience irregularity or disruption in their natural menstrual cycle, and what used to be a normal 28-30 day cycle is not seen as often unless the cycle is controlled by the birth control pill (which balances a period out to 28 days).

Poor diet, stress, unresolved emotional issues and a gradual, ongoing, disconnect from natural (and ultimately from Self) are all factors that contribute to menstrual imbalances. When we’re disrupted from within (stress, emotional and mental issues, etc), that disruption manifests itself externally.

Women can find their natural menstrual rhythm again by improving their diet & lifestyle, managing stress, and reconnecting with nature. Herbs, nutrition, body work, energy work, yoga, meditation, expressive creativity (e.g. journaling, art), and gentle exercise will all contribute to creating balance.

If ever you need any help with reconnecting with your natural rhythm, contact Living Energy for an appointment – I’m always happy to help!



It takes the moon 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes, 2.7 seconds to circle the Earth (from new moon to new moon).

The moon is responsible for tidal ebbs and flows. This is seen most notably with oceans and other large bodies of water.

The moon has an effect on our body in numerous ways, including sleep patterns, moods, and general feeling of well-being.

The moon phases affect animals too, and studies have shown that nocturnal critters are more active during a new moon, whereas with a full moon they stay closer to home.

For more info on how the moon affects humans and animals, here are a couple of articles, with links to research and studies:

How the Moon Affects Life On Earth and 4 Strange Ways the Moon Might Affect Our Bodies.



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