Know Your Eggs?

Do YOU know where your eggs come from and the difference between organic. free-range, free-run, and caged hens? This short video explains things really well. Which will you choose?   In case you’re wondering which I choose, until I get some hens, I only eat organic free-range eggs. I don’t like the idea of hens living in little cages (or packed into a barn). Free hens are happy hens 🙂

Creative Journaling

I have been traditional (written) journaling for as long as I can remember. It started with a diary when I was in grade school, which later progressed to what I term a “proper” journal and that has continued on/off for the last 30+ years. Recently, though, I discovered a different approach to journaling: Creative (Art) Journaling. And what an experience it’s been so far! It has taken my journaling experience to a whole new level of expression and expansion, plus it’s tapped me into a level of creativity that I didn’t even know existed in me! Some time soon, I will be offering workshops and one-on-one sessions in the “how to’s” of Creative Journaling. For now, I’m sharing some of my experiences (along with some...

When I Needed a Hand


How We Treat the Vulnerable

    ~ Russell Brand  

Whenever You See the Words…